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MKB Independent Radio tonight 8pm to 10pm there will be a repeat of ” Sam Harris Country” With a very special guest J.C. High Eagle

Hi Listeners , Tonight at 8pm to 10pm we are repeating Sam Harris Country from last Sunday after a great response . If you missed the programme you now have a chance to catch up with a very good interview Sam did with J,C. High Eagle, who is a Native American Cherokee Indian.  He is a Country singer and songwriter and author .  He plays Country, Blues, Jazz and Classical guitar.    He was a controller at N.A.S.A and helped to put man on the moon. He is also the man who brought Apollo 13 safely back, when it was thought that they were going to lose the craft and crew.  For this he received the highest American civilian honour from President Nixon.  J.C. has now retired and lives in Texas where he writes country music and lectures on his native background.The show will be on tonight at 8pm to 10pm .

Folkal Point with Colin MacDonald 10pm to 12 Midnight

Later tonight on MKB Independent Radio 10pm to 12 Midnight is this weeks very popular FOLKAL POINT Presented by Colin Mac Donald and repeated 2pm to 4pm tomorrow.

FOLKAL POINT – 406 – OCTOBER 31/2019     (*American artistes)
Folkal Point, in its 45th year, is produced and presented by Colin MacDonald in Scotland from the Anderston studios of HBS Glasgow.  is sponsored by Robin Campbell – Music
CAMPFIRE TALES – The Agnostic Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy*
DAMN THOSE LITTLE DEAMONS (sic) – Marti & The Muckrakers*
BLAME IT ON THE DEVIL – The Lynnes (Canada)
JOHNNY AND THE DEVIL – Sunjay (Albion)
BONE CUPBOARD – Gilmore and Roberts (Albion) featuring (lead vocal) Katriona Gilmore
WHAT WERE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT? – Ags Connolly (Albion) with (harmony vocal) Anna Robinson
MOONLIGHT VOODOO – Emily Davis (Australia)
FOLK MAN BLUES – Edd Donovan & The Wandering Moles(Albion with (harmony vocal) Emma Parker and (bass clarinet) Chris Cundy
I AM NOT A CANDLE IN THE WIND – Sister Sadie* featuring (lead vocal)  Dale Ann Bradley
FIFTEEN MEN – The Salts (Albion)
BLACK SUNDAY – Miss Scarlett (aka Danielle French) & The Madmen (Canada)
THE WIDOW OF GLASGOW GREEN – Ella Dawn Jenkins* (aka EllaHarp)
IL GRANDE SILENZIO – instrumental – Rich Bennett*
BLACK DOG DAY – Nick Battle (Albion)
TRAVELLIN’ GHOST – Kelly Steward*
MAD MAN’S WINDOW – The Orphan Brigade (Ulstèr/*)
RED ROVER – Sheila MacDonald*
THE WALPURGIS HOTEL – Man The Lifeboats (Albion)
THE BLOODY GARDENER – Rachel Newton (Scotia)
RACHAEL – Chris Cleverley (Albion) with (harmony vocals) Kim Lowings
DARKNESS – Sariyah Idan (*/ ישראל)
SOMETIMES I JUST SITS – Chuck Melchin & The Bean Pickers’ Union*
MY MAMA SAID – Lynne Hanson & The Good Intentions (Canada)
THREE HERMITS – Nels Andrews*
NO EXCUSES – Janita Maria Raukko (*/Suomi)
TIME TO TAKE THE GUNS – Paul Messinger*
ANNIE ALLAN/HAMBO – instrumental – Rant (Scotia)

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