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Special Guest on Sam Harris Country this Sunday 3pm to 5pm J,C. High Eagle who is a Native American Cherokee Indian

My special guest on my Country show this Sunday 3pm to 5pm is J,C. High Eagle, who is a Native American Cherokee Indian.  He is a Country singer and songwriter and author .  He plays Country, Blues, Jazz and Classical guitar.    He was a controller at N.A.S.A and helped to put man on the moon. 

He is also the man who brought Apollo 13 safely back, when it was thought that they were going to lose the craft and crew.  For this he received the highest American civilian honour from President Nixon. 

J.C. has now retired and lives in Texas where he writes country music and lectures on his native background.The show is broadcast live between 3pm and 5pm. British time. High Eagle will be joining me live from Texas at 4pm.Listen on MKB Independent radio and also  CVFM radio. Sam Harris


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