The Orange Blossom Special show is produced and presented by independent country
music artist and on-air personality Kay Cook-Abbott. The theme of the show is a journey
on the Orange Blossom Special, the journey is of course the music, upbeat country music
from the 80s through to today. Kay plays a mix of mainstream and independent artists
from all over the world. Over recent months, Kay has been adding more and more
Australian country music artists to her shows, and she says that the quality of their work
has to be heard. Kays shows include some of the latest country music hitting the
airwaves, and Kay says “Whilst there are many people complaining about where country
music is currently headed, and many not liking the latest hip hop style of country, when
blended with the more traditional upbeat country music, it fits really well”.
Kay has been a country music singer since the 80s, taking time out only to raise her
family. Kay says that in that short time, things changed so much, computers and the
internet had arrived. This opened the doors to so many musicians who could now record
their own work and publicise it across the world wide web. This is exactly what Kay did,
and promptly found herself hitting charts across the internet. Kay was asked to join an
independent country music record label from the USA, which has since been followed by
several further offers by other labels.
In 2020, Kay was asked to help an online radio station with their submissions. She
enjoyed working on the radio so much that she decided to host her own show, The
Orange Blossom Special show. Kay always knew she wanted to air upbeat country music,
and after hearing a version of the Orange Blossom Special that completely blew her away,
the idea of the journey on the Orange Blossom Special through upbeat country came to
her. The show has now been airing for 18 months, and Kay now has many followers in the
UK, USA and Canada. Kay has been nominated for many awards for her show, and is
currently a finalist for DJ of the year with the Red Carpet Awards in Holland and the
Academy of Western Artists Awards in Texas.