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This is a not for profit station. However, I do have annual running costs to keep us on air and any donation no matter how little goes towards the upkeep of the station. Thank you to the kind generosity of listeners and some recording artists we covered the set up costs inc website, Stream and licences. The other costs which I am carrying out of my own pocket are £10 50 per month to shoutcast and £5.00 per month for hosting the website. If you would like to become a sponsor and show your support for my work for independent artists click the donate button at the bottom of the page and donate anything from £1.00 . All official sponsors are listed below

A heartfelt thanks to all sponsors of the station. Without you I could not have done this Thank you for your faith and belief in me and your support , firstly for my Radio show which began in 2008 and now my very own radio station which will officially launch in October 2019 . Thank you also to my team of presenters without them this would not be possible . Quality is better than quantity and I know I have a great line up . I hope you will enjoy what you hear also from my playout which includes Country,Americana,Celtic,Folk,Rockabilly & Singer/songwrters from all over the globe. The shows are varied and theres something for everyone from Classic Country to Rock +Roll ,Irish & Scottish Folk Music , and Celtic . There is a Celtic flavour and a nice friendly and warm vibe also some things that will make you have a little chuckle.

Sincere thanks Mary K Burke


  • ROBIN VAUGHN -Dedicated Listener & Supporter
  • DAN DIETER – Dedicated listener & supporter
  • LORRAINE McCAULEY – Indie artist & supporter
  • BILL LONG – Indie artist & supporter
  • SHEILA FARR – listener & supporter
  • CIARA BURKE – Listener & Supporter
  • CHARLIE ROTH – Indie Artist & supporter
  • SUZANNE WALBRUNNER Indie Artist , Listener & supporter
  • TONI WEST- Indie Artist , Listener & supporter
  • BOB BIRCH – Radio DJ/presenter,Listener & Supporter
  • NANCY KELLY- Dedicated listener & Supporter
  • FRAN McCOY MUSIC – Indie Artist-listener & Supporter
  • DON SMYTHE – Indie Artist-listener & Supporter
  • RACHEL HARRINGTON MUSIC – Indie Artist-listener & Supporter
  • ROISIN MCDAID Dedicated listener & Supporter
  • TOMMY LEE MOFFAT – Indie artist -Songwriter listener & Supporter
  • RICKEY COMBS Indie artist -Songwriter listener & Supporter
  • RON LINDSAY Indie artist -Songwriter listener & Supporter
  • JANET DOWD Indie Artist listener & Supporter
  • AUDREY DONAGHY Songwriter Dedicated listener & Supporter
  • PAUL BUTLER – INDIE Artist Dedicated listener & Supporter
  • MARTINA JUNNERMAN- Indie Artist Dedicated listener & Supporter
  • HUGH MCCREADY- Dedicated listener & Supporter
  • EMILY A. DINWIDDIE COLE Dedicated listener & Supporter

If you would like to be an official sponsor and help with our annual running costs MKB INDEPENDENT RADIO click on the Donate button below and donate anything from £1 .

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