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Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland
21/04/2023 14:51 in News


Time has really flown by since the last release - six years!

 So we're excited to share our new CD Shoreline with you - it'll be available from the start of April 2023.

The cover art is taken from a painting by the wonderful Colum McEvoy

It was Column who illustrated Tom's The Birds’ Song book.


Track Listing

1. Shoreline (Campbell/McFarland IMRO/MCPS) (4’24”)

2. Another Leaf (Campbell/McFarland IMRO/MCPS) (3’20”)

3. People (Campbell/McFarland IMRO/MCPS) (3’20”)

4. When I Don’t Feel Like Singing Anymore (Eilidh Patterson) (4’21”)

5. Don't Let The Old Man In (Toby Keith) (3’01”)

6. First of February (Campbell/McFarland IMRO/MCPS) (4’01”)

7. Day’s Gonna Come (Jody Gallagher IMRO / MCPS) (3’40”)

8. Forest (Campbell/McFarland IMRO/MCPS) (4’24”)

9. The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Koehler/Arlen) (2’34”)

10. A Little Song For You (Campbell/McFarland IMRO/MCPS) (3’11”)


YouTube  First of February



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Fil Campbell - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards on First of February

Tom McFarland - Vocals, Percussion, Drums, Djembe


We don’t have a band when we play live. However, in the studio we get our dream band.

Thank you to all these talented players.


Steve Cooney - Guitars and Bass on First of February and Guitars on People, Nicky Scott – Bass,

Rod McVey – Keyboards, Ciara McCrickard – Fiddle, Nuala Curran – Cello,

Jarlath Mulholland – Saxophone, Peter Benson - Trumpet, Flugel Horn.


Label Glenshee Music Cat No GSR007 © ℗ 2023 UPC 689232113001

ISRC Codes uscgj2359870 to uscgj2359879


Credits: Recorded and mixed by Tom McFarland at Ballyneddan Studio, Rostrevor, Ireland.

Cover ArtworkColum McEvoy

Inside Photos – Fil and Tom © Glenshee Music 2023 (p) Glenshee Music 2023


About Fil Campbell and Tom McFarland


Originally from Belleek in Co. Fermanagh, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Fil Campbell has been a performing musician and singer since she was a teenager. Fil was brought up on the folk songs and music that was popular around the localities and townlands of Fermanagh and Donegal.


Since the 90's Fil and her husband Tom McFarland who hails from Belfast have been singing and playing as a musical duo. Their unique combination of blending vocals, guitar, and percussion plus the ability to mix their original compositions with traditional and contemporary songs -- punctuated by the Irish gift of chat and craic -- has won the hearts and minds of audiences around the world.


Fil is well known locally for her work presenting both television and radio shows alongside her keen interest in community choirs and working with adult singers. With a critically acclaimed catalogue of eight studio albums and several independent recording projects the repertoire

of Fil Campbell and Tom McFarland is both varied and eclectic.


Tom, working out of his own Ballyneddan Studio where he is at home both as an engineer and producer has played drums and percussion for singers as diverse as John Wright, David Knopfler, Finbar Furey, Ben Sands and many more.


As a percussionist he is much in demand as a bodhran tutor and session player making appearances on numerous recordings. Tom’s interest in percussion stretches to instruments from all over the world. In his live work he plays, the bodhrán, the African Djembé, Latin American congas and bongos, the cajon, and basically anything else that can be shaken or hit including your normal drum kit.


For further information, a CD of Shoreline or to interview Fil & Tom please contact Pat Tynan


Pat Tynan Media

Tel +44 (0) 1895 631336 Mobile 07985 400297


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