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David Olney & Anana Kaye
11/01/2021 17:38 in Music




Format          CD, 


Format            DL & STREAM 



Label             Schoolkids 


Label             Records 


Cat.  No.        SMR-067 

Cat. No. 

Cat. No. 


Release Date     

Release Date   March 19 2021 

Release Date 

Release Date    












                                                                               1.  The Station (Prelude) (0:21) 

The final studio album by  the late David Olney, beloved folk 

                                                                               2.  My Favorite Goodbye (4:38) 

songwriter’s songwriter, in collaboration with Anana Kaye, a young             3.  My Last Dream of You (3:51) 

                                                                               4.  Lie to Me, Angel (4:30) 

Eastern European powerhouse taking Americana by storm 

                                                                               5.  Thank You Note (4:26) 

                                                                               6.  Behind Your Smile (4:13) 

If the futile longing to reach back through memory and grasp what is in        7.  Why Can’t We Get This Right? (3:49) 

                                                                               8.  Sideview (Interlude) (0:13) 

the past could be set to music, it would sound like Whispers and Sighs 

                                                   Whispers and Sighs 

Whispers and Sighs. 

                                                   Whispers and Sighs 

                                                                               9.  Last Days of Rome (3:54) 

Over the course of 13 tracks, David Olney and Anana Kaye manage to             10.  Whispers and Sighs (4:39) 

                             David Olney      Anana Kaye 

                             David Olney       Anana Kaye 

                             David Olney     Anana Kaye 

                                                                               11.  The World We Used to Know (4:26) 

craft a journey that amounts to far more than just another Americana 

                                                                               12.  Tennessee Moon (3:52) 

album. This is to be expected with Olney, an acclaimed songwriter              13.  The Great Manzini (Disappearing Act) (6:20) 

responsible for more than 20 solo albums and songs covered by and/or 

co-written with the likes of Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, and Linda Ronstadt, among many others. Further, just 

as Townes Van Zandt reportedly saw something special in him, Olney felt a similar admiration and kinship towards Kaye, a smoky-voiced Americana darling whose star is assuredly on the rise in Nashville, and her husband and musical partner Irakli Gabriel both of                                         Georgia. 

                             Irakli Gabriel who are originally from the country of 

                             Irakli Gabriel, 



On Whispers and Sighs, the pair create a unique, sonic landscape that blends the haunting sensuality of 

European music with the raw intimacy of Americana, weaving raucous, unapologetic rock anthems like ‘Lie to 

Me, Angel’ and ‘Last Days of Rome’ with sparse, introspective ballads such as ‘Tennessee Moon’ and the record’s 

title track. The album was written by the trio of Olney, Kaye, and Irakli with long-time Olney collaborator and hit 

songwriter John Hadley also earning co-writing credit songs. 

           John Hadley                                on several 

           John Hadley 

           John Hadley 



Brett Ryan Stewart                        produced and mixed the record at    studio in Nashville.         is 

Brett Ryan Stewart 

Brett Ryan Stewart (Wirebird Productions)                                   his                    Stewart 

     Ryan Stewart 

another rising star in his field, having garnered Grammy consideration for projects he’s helmed, along with 

notable TV and film placements. Richard Dodd,          of the Best Engineer Grammy Award for Tom Petty’s 

                                Richard Dodd, 

                                Richard Dodd, recipient 

                                Richard Dodd, 

Wildflowers mastered the project. Whispers and Sighs features an impressive array of Nashville musicians and 


vocalists - perhaps most notably Olney’s long-time musical collaborator and bassist Daniel 

                                                                                  Daniel Seymour 


                                                                                  Daniel Seymour 

                                                                                         Seymour and bassist 


Chris Donohue                                                                                 .. 

Chris Donohue, who has worked with the likes of Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant, and Elvis Costello. 



All in all, Whispers and Sighs is an Americana record that explores what it means to be human. Over its course, 

Olney and Kaye take turns leading the listener through intimate self-portraits, myths, and tales of historical fiction, all in an effort to illustrate the various devices we use to cope with our own impermanence. Though the project deals heavily in weighty, existentialist themes, the prevailing message proves to be a celebration of human connection, friendship and love. As Olney    it         “We have no idea where the songs 

                                          Olney put  in 2019,                                   come from, 


                                           Olney but they bring peace of mind like an old photograph of home. Wherever that may be.” 


And while it’s hard to escape the seeming cosmic significance of the album as a posthumous Olney release, at no point does this create the air of morbidity; rather, it lends the project a bittersweet ambiance. According to 

Anana and Irakli, mere moments after hitting save on the final mixes, the phone rang with news of David’s passing. This seems tragically fitting; for what is found on Whispers and Sighs is a collection of songs into which two artists and friends clearly poured the full extent of their souls. Within it is an undeniable reminder that David 

Olney’s extraordinary legacy can never fade, while Anana Kaye’s star grows deservedly brighter by the day. 




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"Whispers and Sighs is a masterpiece, a parting gift from the imagination of genius. This collaboration between 

 David Olney and the brilliant Irakli Gabriel and Anana Kaye grabs you from the first listen and doesn’t let go. 

Perfect music for a long night drive, for sitting in the dark with a single candle, for dreamers old and young, a 

soundtrack for our nightmares and dreams. It is David Olney’s swan song recording, though he had no way of knowing it. Or did he? Here’s the thing, David wrote every song like it was his last, he put everything he had into all he did, 100% committed to the work. Losing David Olney in Jan 2020 kicked off one of the hardest years any of us can remember. He left us with this music, these stories, this beauty he brought forth from his magnificent imagination. I'm in awe, and forever grateful.” Mary Gauthier 

                                                                             Mary Gauthier 



"A beautiful record. Only wisdom and deep experience can make music like this". Mike Scott, The Waterboys 

                                                                                  Mike Scott, The Waterboys 



               "...a deep gathering of souls in music and song...delivered." Malcolm Holcombe 

                                                                           Malcolm Holcombe 






















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