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Bernard Mahan – The Bernard Bear Show Saturday 8pm to 10pm

Tonight Bernard Mahan Makes his world radio debut on MKB Independent Radio with (The Bernard Bear Show . 8pm to 10pm Sat nights

Bernard, like with all the best people, hails from the North East of England. As his father was at pains to point out to any who thought otherwise, that is ‘pit’, not Geordie or Mackem.

Like many of his generation, on completing schooling and having served an apprenticeship in telecommunication he was obliged to leave the North East, being offered the choice of transferring to the London Office or being made redundant. After three years in London, followed by a year in Manchester Bernard went to explore the big wide world, taking the pretty way to Edinburgh where he has now lived for many years. Intending to spend three years in South Africa that turned into all but twenty years covering the length and breadth of Southern Africa with a spell in France thrown in for good measure.

Being technically inclined Bernard, while loving to listen to music, is totally devoid of any musical talent or aptitude. He only persisted with piano lessons for three years because the teacher was very pretty and, in that time, got little further Chopsticks! To complement this gift, he is also endowed with two left feet.

Musically, as with wine, he likes what he likes which embraces most compositions and performances in most, but not all, genres. Recognising that his taste may not be everyone’s taste his aim is to find and play music principally from the advent of rock and roll to the 80s, though not excluding recordings and performances from earlier or later times, that will appeal to the stations core audience.


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