(Stornoway) by Norman Patterson


Having  listened to countless singers and song writers  over the last 15 years every now and again something a bit more special lands on my desk and it happened twice now within 6 months  first with "Torn" Normans Debut Album and now with  "Stornoway". What a great storyteller Normans Voice , lyrics and melodies  are a joy to listen to and  they do evoke all kinds of emotions and things that we can relate to "Plenty Days" was one of my favourites and left me tearful as did "days" ,These songs really make you think of the happier times  and good memories . I like  the more uptempo songs on this one and the music arrangments  it brings Norman into his own unique sound  he reminds me a bit off the late Christy Hennessy its not just the songs its his delivery his humour and his whole persona I am sure Norman couldnt  have done these two albums years ago because he was living these songs and they are always the best songs. Norman  has taken his music to a new level and Celebrated his roots and his people im sure Stornoway is very proud of Norman Pattersons " Stornoway"    Mary K Burke 

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With its rugged coastline, historic sites like Lews Castle, and a vibrant Gaelic-speaking community, Stornoway provides a glimpse into the rich heritage of the Hebrides. Its surroundings include dramatic landscapes, ancient standing stones, and pristine beaches, making it a destination for both historians and nature lovers alike. When you grow up there, you may be blissfully unaware of the magical moments it provides but as time marches on, you can reflect on how much it added to your life. Norman Paterson is one such artist who in his later years as a musician memorialises places, friendships and experiences that resonate with him today.

Following up on his stunning acoustic album Torn, he has moved to a full electric band with his sophomore release Stornoway. Set amongst the exciting period of his youth in the 60s and 70s where life was full of the spectacular and the vibrant colours of rock music, Norman has still retained that Celtic country feel but added elements that makes the album exceptional. Celebrating the place he called home through a mixture of pleasure and guilt, listeners are transported to a place and time where you can imagine what it was like growing up in the Western Isles.

From the opening track and the heartfelt lament of Sailing Away, to the loss of a dear old friend, and the thrill and exhilaration of a night on the town as a teenager depicted by Saturday Night; the album is full of nostalgia and dreams of days gone by, comprising of 14 songs that touch the spirit.

The pictures Norman paints are extraordinary, textured and tugging at the heartstrings to impel you to want to visit its wind-swept shores. Spiritual and blessed with a backdrop that is unique, Stornoway is a remarkable statement on what life was like over half a century ago. Innocent yet full of energy whilst exploring what it means to have existed on the edge of the open Atlantic, Norman Paterson has discovered a way to write his own songs into the narrative of the town.

Critics always say that the second album can be the most difficult to make because the ideas of the first can sometimes use up all a musician’s creative forces. This is not the case for Norman Paterson. He has expanded his reach and added more to his sound, and for that, Stornoway, The Outer Hebrides and Scotland should be forever grateful.       


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Track Listing 1. Sailing Away

2. Back On The Rock

3. What Became of Renden

4. Luskintyre

5. I’m Going Home

6. Plenty Days

7. Stornoway Down Town

8. Kenny Fags and His Red Guitar

9. When I Was Young

10. Sticklebacks and Red Admirals

11. Dalmore

12. Days 

13. Saturday Night

14. Sailing Away Reprise