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GRAMMY WINNING MUSICIAN, TED RUSSELL KAMP TO RELEASE CALIFORNIA SON, HIS 14TH FULL-LENGTH ALBUM Rounding Up The Best of Southern California’s Roots Rock Musicians For A A Love Letter to Los Angeles and California (March 22, 2024, KZZ Records/Blue Elan) Los Angeles, CA January 2024—

Ted Russell Kamp has steadily cultivated his own audience while being acknowledged for working with stellar roots musicians like Shooter Jennings, Jessi Colter, Whitey Morgan, Tanya Tucker, Wilson Phillips, among others. Kamp crafted his latest release, California Son, from his home studio, The Den. Much of the album had been in progress for the past couple of years, leading Kamp to initially consider holding off on a new release, having consistently put out an album every year for four consecutive years. However, he ultimately decided to unveil California Son in spring 2024. The process of revisiting, refining, and creating new tracks within a deadline has been rejuvenating for Kamp.

As Kamp started writing and compiling songs, the idea to make a more autobiographical/California record started to take shape. “I had written ‘High Desert Fever’ and ‘Miracle Mile’ (very specific SoCal places) and ‘One Word at a Time’ and ‘Ballad of the Troubadour’ (very specific songs about my experiences as an adult), so I started thinking that I’d like to make a record about me, rather than a larger mood or productions style like I’ve done in the past.” The “Love Letter to L.A.” was inspired by the family of musicians and and music lovers that Kamp has found in his adopted hometown. “It really is a wonderful and inspiring community that I feel a part of. I wanted this record to include many of the deeply talented people I am close to; Brian Whelan, Shane Alexander, John Schreffler and Jamie Douglass from Shooter’s touring band. Jim Doyle who I have been playing with for almost 20 years, I See Hawks, Emily Zuzik, Eli Wulfmeier of Leroy from the North, ... and even some friends form the band I play with when I tour in Finland, Janne Haavisto and Tommi Viksten.” Corralling these musicians (and friends) to help him with this latest project (see full list following), Kamp also collaborated on co-writings of the songs. “I co-write more than I used to,” he explains.


“I had a publishing deal in Nashville for 4 years and really liked co-writing. I work a lot playing in the Shooter Jennings band and with other people and I spend a lot of my time producing records for other people, so I don’t have time to sit around and write on my own. So when I have a month when I’m not writing at all, I’ll specifically book some writing sessions with friends whose writing I respect and like.

I’m also a very social and collaborative person. Creating a song with someone based on our conversation and common experience has been really wonderful and valuable for me.” The title song, “California Son” was written as a mission statement for the whole record, a literal, autobiographical song. “I never write with that approach, so I thought I’d try it out,” he describes. “I hope people enjoy the story.” “Roll Me Till The Sun Comes Up” is a fun number written and played with Brian Whelan. “We have played a ton of shows together and recorded together but had never tried writing together.

We both love roots rock and so I thought of playing around with a Rockpile style song that was a variant of 12 bar blues, but wasn’t actually a 12 bar blues.” “Shine On” was written with Paul Lacques and Rob Waller from I See Hawks in LA. “It ended up being the morning after an eclipse, so that’s what we wrote about. I love their old-school stoner/Gram/ California country approach and was excited to write songs with a spiritual, summer-of-love energy to it.” The groovy, “Hard to Hold” was a first time co-write with Eli Wulfmeier (Nikki Lane, Leroy from the North). Kamp’s bass playing highlights the song, “Hanging on Blues” taking place of the classic finger picking acoustic guitar. “The Upside to the Downslide” is about the working musician who channels the partying and immature energies into the music while trying to sustain the lifestyle. “I definitely have partied and am not angel, but thankfully the lyrics of this song really exaggerate things and the protagonist has a little more outlaw and is more troubled than I actually am.”

Kamp usually writes more songs than he would need for the next record. “Then, as I have a handful I really like and am proud of, I’ll will start to envision what my next record will be and what songs I already have that would fit well on it.” He then plans a few recording sessions and starts recording the songs before the record is done. “I often keep writing with the album in mind. But I’ve learned that it’s a mistake to try to control the creative process and that if you want it to be really good, you can never force a song to be something it doesn’t want to be.” Collaborating with the talented guitarist and producer Zachary Ross, who introduced KZZ Records into the mix, has been an exciting development which Kamp hopes to extend to his next album. Sharing the workload and business responsibilities with Ross and the label has Kamp hopeful that their partnership will broaden the audience for his music and bring joy to more listeners. California Son is full of new songs with a new perspective. “I think my arranging and producing is just getting better each year. This album is more autobiographical in a more literal way than usual in my previous songs and albums.


There are love songs to LA and California, songs about me as a musician and the music and lyrics really capture something about me in a day to day way, as well as a more poetic way like I feel my music more often does. It’s a soulful and beautiful record with some real well- written songs that I’m very proud of.” California Son Releases on March 22, 2024, with the help of KZZ Records/Blue Elan. Ted Russell Kamp will tour Europe March and April of 2024. ###


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Ted Russell Kamp-Vocals, Bass (all songs), Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Dobro -Electric Guitar- Primarily John Schreffler and Brian Whelan with; Bart Ryan, Zachary Ross, Tommi Viksten, Paul Lacques, Stephen Musselman -Drums- Primarily Jamie Douglass with; Jim Doyle, Janne Haavisto, Dave Raven, Michael Jerome Moore, Aaron Goodrich -Keyboards-Brian Whelan, Sasha Smith -Pedal Steel- John Schreffler, Dan Wistrom -Harmonica Matt Lomeo (Ballad of the Troubadour) -Percussion- Janne Haavisto (Upside to the Downslide) -Guest Vocals: John Schreffler, Brian Whelan, Shane Alexander, Justine Bennett, Rob Waller, Paul Marshall, Emily Zuzik, Jenny Van West, Ed Desjardins “California Son”, “The Upside to the Downslide”, “Hangin’ on Blues”, “Every Little Thing"-Written by Ted Russell Kamp “Hard to Hold” co-written with Eli Wulfmeier “One Word at a Time” co-written with Jenny Van West “Shine On” co-written with Rob Waller and Paul Lacques “Ballad of the Troubadour”, “Firelight” co-written with Shane Alexander “High Desert Fever’ co-written with Ted Wulfers “Miracle Mile” co-written with Mike Dawson “Roll Until The Sun Comes Up” co-written with Brian Whelan