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Swedish Nashville produced country-pop singer and pianist Jessica Falk is releasing a summer smash hit entitled "I DON´T KNOW WHY"
27/06/2023 16:21 in News



Swedish Nashville produced country-pop singer and pianist Jessica Falk is releasing a summer smash hit entitled "I DON´T KNOW WHY" The Nashville produced first single from Jessica´s upcoming EP and will be released on June 1st.


The subject matter of "I DON´T KNOW WHY" is forgiveness and letting go and it is based on events from Jessica´s own life journey. Jessica says, -"I feel like I have finally found my true musical expression that embodies my joy for life and a new feeling within myself. Co-written by Jessica and Vip Vipperman (Emmylou Harris, LeAnn Rimes, Reba McEntire, and more),

the new single was recorded at exclusive Addiction Studios in Nashville and produced by veteran Nashville producer Scott Baggett who has worked with many top artists like Alison Krauss, Hank Williams Jr, Dolly Parton and The Road Hammers and others over the years.


Press release


Jessica Falk Vip Vipperman had this to say about “I DON´T KNOW WHY” -"It's a huge, unforgettable, unstoppable chorus with a moving story in the verses. Love conquers all and heals all and leads to pure joy in the chorus. Your voice, heart, and mind really shine here. It teaches us about love, forgiveness, and joy. I am blessed and highly favored to be your partner on this joyful celebration. A shiny new song with limitless possibilities. Thank you!" The music video of “I DON´T KNOW WHY” will be released on June the 8thand will be available on all major streaming platforms.


Jessica´s EP entitled “SURVIVORS” will be released on September 15thand features a new bold and mature sound. She will also hold a major release concert at Scalateatern in Stockholm, Sweden on the same day. Be sure to follow Jessica Falk on Facebook and Instagram to stay up with all the new exciting information on recordings and live events. www.jessicafalk.com


Musicians: Jessica Falk – Vocals, Piano Greg Morrow – Drums One of Nashville’s “first call” drummer (Bill Gibbons, Garth Brooks, DollyParton, John Fogerty)..Pat Buchanan – Electric guitars One of Nashville´s “first call” guitarists ( Allice Cooper, DollyParton, Don Henley, Fatih Hill, Cindy Lauper)Scott Baggett – Acoustic guitars, organ, synthesizer, bass (Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy,John Waite, Alison Krauss and many more. KK Falkner – Harmony vocals (John Waite, Jeffery Steele, The Road Hammers and many more) Do you want to sneak a listen? Click here Need pictures? Click here Do you want to attend the release concert? Click here PRESS & MANAGEMENT Jenny Björk tel. +46 73-514 11 14 jenny@bonanova.se

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