Norman Paterson Official Release July 21st 2023
16/07/2023 16:32 in News


A few months ago I went on a six week songwriting course in Glasgow. Thats were I met Norman and a bunch of very talented songwriters. I loved the style of Normans writing from the word go. He just rattles songs out and in my opinion is a born songwriter with a great view of the world. I am very honoured as Norman asked me to harmonise on Torn for his live performance on the course. The song resonated with me as I felt torn for years after moving to Scotland at sixteen years old.

I think this album will go down very well in The Island & Highland community and much further afield. Norman Paterson is fast becoming well known in many songwriting circles and audiences of all ages will surley appreciate his talent and love his personality as much as i do.and wish him much success 

                                                                                             Mary K Burke CEO MKB Independent Radio  


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